Benefits to maintaining your Air Conditioning system

An air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you can make on your home or commercial space. While it’s important to choose an AC unit that meets all your cooling, heating and ventilation needs, it’s also essential to make sure that your air conditioning system continues to run efficiently and economically. By doing so, you are also protecting your investment.

Here are the reasons you need to prioritise maintenance of your AC unit.

  1. Prolonged life spanA regularly maintained AC unit can work for a longer time. This means more savings on your part as you won’t have to buy a new one all the time.
  2. Reduced energy costYour AC unit accumulates dust and dirt as it runs, clogging the filter. This prevents the passage of air into the room and could take longer to change temperature. As a result, power bills go up. Having your air conditioner serviced regularly can increase the unit’s efficiency and significantly lower your energy consumption.
  3. Cooler and more comfortable homeYour air conditioner should always be summer-ready and should do its job well when it’s needed the most. A well-maintained air conditioner can give you the comfort and cooling you need while effectively filtering dust and dirt from your room.
  4. Increase efficiencyRegular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at its best and will continue functioning at optimum levels before there is a need for any replacement.
  5. Easily spot parts that may need some workRegular upkeep of your AC units will help you easily pinpoint defective areas or parts. You may need to have some parts replaced or repaired but surely, this is better than having to replace the whole system if its no longer fixable.
  6. SafetyA defective air conditioning system can also endanger your safety. Cracks and damages can mess with the circulation of air, and short circuits can cause fire when ignored.

What’s involved

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance. A typical air conditioning service includes:

  • Checking the system’s condition and determining if repairs are needed.
  • Checking refrigerant charge levels and airflow.
  • Ensuring all electrical connections and components are working properly.
  • Checking for secure physical connections of individual parts.
  • Checking and cleaning the condensate drainage system.
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components.
  • Checking the filters, and either cleaning or replacing them as necessary.

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Ducted System
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Regular maintenance of your ducted air conditioning system will help you keep your energy consumption costs down while ensuring efficient and optimal air cycling throughout your home or office

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