Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your air conditioning systems working at peak efficiency all throughout the year. Rest assured that a qualified Cold Front technician will be with you in no time, maximising you’re A/C’s uptime.

When you sign up for an annual maintenance plan, you are ensuring that your home remains comfortable for the rest of the year. Our certified technicians will visit your house at least once a year before peak seasons. Click the form here to avail of our annual maintenance services.

Whats included:

  • Removal cleaning and replacement of filters
  • Checking gas charge
  • Flushing accessible drains
  • Clean condenser coil if required
  • Clean return air grills if required
  • Clean diffusers if required
  • Inspection and cleaning of blower wheels
  • Checking motors & bearings
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Inspection and test of controls and safety devices
  • Checking temperatures and pressures
  • Inspection of unit wiring
  • Inspection of relays and contactors
  • Checking system operation on heating & cooling

Any abnormalities will be reported and either repaired under warranty or quoted for if the unit is out of warranty.

Please note that if the Air Conditioner is not kept up with regular maintenance as per the Manufacturer’s Recommendation (6-12 months, depending on usage), and the Service Agent finds blockages and extremely dirty filters/vents that the maintenance may take longer, thus the pricing may change due to the Agent’s time on site.

All sounds very professional… that’s because with Cold Front AC, it is!

You can do your part, too:

  • Keep leaves, grass and other debris away from the outside unit to avoid obstruction to the air flow
  • Check Air Conditioning filters once a month
  • When filters become dirty, the air conditioning system works harder, wasting energy. Permanent filters should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clean dust from outlets and registers as part of your house cleaning routine.


I hereby authorise Cold Front Air Conditioning to carry out an annual preventative maintenance to the air conditioning at the following address:

Payments: The agreed maintenance will include one preventative maintenance call annually. All charges specified are those currently in effect and are subject to change. For service as specified above on the equipment listed, the above signed client agrees to pay the annual charge when the technician is on site or to be invoiced and paid within 7 days. If the charges are increased, the customer may, as of the effective date of such increase, terminate this Agreement by written notice to the Company. Otherwise, the new charges shall become effective upon the date specified in the renewal invoice.