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What to Look For in an Air Conditioning Contractor

Home and business owners alike do a lot of research on the best air conditioning equipment in the market, advanced features, energy efficiency ratings and prices. But one critical element often overlooked by customers is the air conditioning contractor who will install and service their unit. The thing is, no matter how sleek and advanced your AC unit is, if you hire a bad contractor, your system’s features won’t do you any good!  

Why do I need to hire a good contractor?

Think of it as an additional step in shopping for an air conditioner. You should research on good contractors just as you examine features and efficiencies in the AC unit. If you have enough time to conduct interviews with your prospective contractors, then do so. Your new air conditioner’s performance and efficiency depends on the capable hands of your contractor. If the installation work is substandard and maintenance is done haphazardly, your equipment may not be able to provide you the comfort and energy efficiency it promised. Improper installation may also cause your system to consume more energy than normal and may put a strain on its components, causing it to break down.  

Qualities of a good contractor

In every area, there are a great number of AC contractors to choose from. But not everyone you meet has the right skills or qualified enough to do the job for you. As you shop for a contractor, keep in mind the following key qualities your contractor of choice should possess:

1.Years of experience

One of the most important things to consider is your contractor’s experience. How long have they been servicing your area? Do they have a considerable amount of experience already? If the contractor has been in the business for 10, 20, 30 years or so, it could be an assurance that their business is stable and that they have already worked with a lot of clients.

2. Properly certified

A certification in air conditioning and refrigeration shows that the contractor holds the knowledge and skill to properly install, maintain and service your air conditioning system. A certified contractor offers high-quality services, getting the installation right and conducting the right maintenance and servicing work. To maintain certification, contractors also undergo continuous education and training to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest air conditioning technology and practices.

3. Good reputation

Is the contractor well known in your area? Or if not, do their clients recommend them? It pays to make sure that a contractor is consistently getting good reviews.

4. Provides home or office evaluation

Make sure your contractor conducts home surveys before providing any definite estimates. Other contractors even allow customers the convenience of sending plans and photos of their properties if they are still under construction. Good contractors will check the size of the room and determine what type of system can provide the best cooling and heating to it, insulation, the number of windows in the given space, and inspect the duct systems for any leaks and loose segments.

5. References and referrals

Research past customers or ask the contractor directly for references and referrals. Gathering information from past customers will give you a good idea of how your contractor works. Were the jobs completed on time and on budget? Did they make clean installations? Did they leave the property clean and in order?

6. Refund and warranties

Your air conditioning system is under warranty and a good contractor will follow your unit’s warranty terms. Likewise, make sure you ask about how they deal with refunds. Will you get your money back after a faulty installation or repair? In such cases, a reputable contractor will be generous enough to find a solution for you. We hope we have provided you with the information you need in finding a qualified contractor to install, maintain and service your air conditioning equipment. Don’t forget to keep Cold Front in mind when looking for an air conditioning contractor in the Tweed, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers area! If you need work done in your home or office, feel free to contact us and request a quote.   

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