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What to Expect During an Air Conditioning Installation

When you have decided on which air conditioning model to purchase, the next thing to do is to hire an experienced professional to properly install your new system. Remember, hiring a reputable contractor should be a non-negotiable. Your new air conditioner’s performance and efficiency depends on the capable hands of your contractor. Improper installation may also cause your system to break down. In this blog, we will cover a few important things that you can expect during an air conditioning installation process.

Request a quote

The process starts with a free quote. Contractors need to quote your air conditioning options because each home or office will have different cooling and heating requirements, which means there are several factors to consider in calculating the final cost and the duration of the installation process. At Cold Front Air Conditioning, we offer a convenient online request system where customers can easily provide their contact information and other important details like AC model, number of rooms, preferred date and time of onsite quotation and other supporting documents like photographs and plans that will help us determine the right solution for your requirements.

Property Inspection

During the home visit, Cold Front’s specialists will assess your property to determine the following:

  1. The most suitable type of air conditioner for your needs.
  2. The right size of air conditioner for the property
  3. Location and size of windows and doors
  4. Number of occupants
  5. The right installation site or method
  6. Factors that may affect the installation process
  7. Other concerns of the client

Our specialist will then provide you with an accurate quote based on these specific needs and property conditions.


If the installation is for a replacement AC, our specialist will begin by taking out all of the components of your old AC, which include the AC’s compressor, evaporator and air ducts. As soon as the old unit is removed, the contractor will proceed with the new installation. The installation for a small property can take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the complexity and ease of access to the installation areas. For large buildings, installation may take days. If you can’t be present during the scheduled installation, it is best if someone you know and trust will be there to provide access to electrical panels and install areas. The process typically involves the following:

  1.       Outdoor unit will be secured
  2.       Install the indoor cabinet
  3.       Connect electrical wires, tubes and new air ducts
  4.       Plug the system into a power outlet


After the installation, our specialists will perform testing procedures to determine if the indoor and outdoor units perform well. This involves measuring the indoor temperature and checking the thermostat settings.

Post-Installation Assistance

Once the installation is complete, our specialists will walk you through your new system, such as operation details, features, possible warning signs, maintenance requirements and what to expect from us moving forward. We will also provide you with advise on how you can improve your AC’s efficiency. Request a quote or contact us today at (07) 5524 4439 for your air conditioning installation needs. We’re here to make sure your home remains comfortable throughout the year.

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