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What is the Ideal Temperature for Reverse Cycle Cooling?

It can be hard to keep cool in the summer when you need to constantly adjust your air conditioner to arrive at your desired temperature, especially in Australia when summers can be pretty brutal. If you own a reverse cycle air conditioner, you have to find the ideal setting, which allows you to stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

What is the best temperature?

According to general advice, the ideal and healthiest indoor temperature is around 22-24°C. However, you should also consider that temperature preferences may vary among individuals living with you, such as infants may required colder temperatures. Others may feel slightly warmer than most people and find this temperature setting still a little warm. When trying to work out the best and most comfortable temperature for your household, you need to determine the level of comfort your housemates prefer and how cold (or warm) your home needs to be. A quality reverse cycle air conditioner is already a cost-efficient way of making your home comfortable throughout the year, whatever the season. If you think your reverse cycle air conditioner is having trouble maintaining your ideal temperature, you can contact us and let’s we’ll have a look at your system. You can choose from our maintenance packages to make sure that your system works effectively throughout the year.

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