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What Happens During a Home Air Conditioning Inspection?

When thinking about air conditioning inspection and tune-up, homeowners are quick to worry about the amount of dollars to be spent. Whether your AC unit needs repair or begging to be replaced, regular maintenance can help you save on costs and stress in the long run. This will prevent unexpected breakdowns and make sure your system runs at peak efficiency. At Cold Front Air Conditioning, we take the health of your air conditioning systems serious business. Our In this blog, we’re sharing with you what you can expect from us when you schedule for an inspection and tune-up.

What are the perks?

Your air conditioner is made up of several moving parts, which get subjected to a great deal of stress during peak season, like extremely hot summers. Getting your system examined and fixed at least every year is the best way to keep it running in tip-top shape throughout the year. Doing so will help you avoid costly repairs, increase the lifespan of your system and maintain energy efficiency.

What should I expect?

Are you wondering what happens when an expert inspects and conducts tune-ups on your AC? Here are a few things our technicians do while giving your AC a quick check-up.

1. Check filter system Dirty filters hugely affect your air conditioner’s performance. They are your first line of defence and therefore need to be cleaned thoroughly so that occupants in your home will feel the cooling comfort.

2. Test thermostat The thermostat is your system’s control board. If it’s not working properly, our technician will be able to check and see what the issue is and conduct necessary repairs.

3.Compressors Your outdoor unit is also exposed to harsh and less ideal conditions. Our technicians will inspect the unit and remove any form of dirt and debris that are clogging the area. The fan blades and panels will also be inspected to prevent any major issues in the future.

4. Ductwork Our experts will run necessary checks on your ductwork for issues like: Indentations in the metal parts Leakages Loose areas Duct tape pealing Areas of collapsed flex ducts      

5.Registers and Air Grills Technicians will check air registers and grills to see if there are any blockages preventing air flow. During inspection, our professionals will open and close the registers to make sure they are working well. They will also assess your home’s layout and check for any furniture that may be blocking the vents.     

 6. Cleaning Our AC professionals will also clean the evaporator coils (if accessible), condenser coils and the system’s interior to make sure there’s proper drainage.

Schedule and Relax

Once your inspection is complete, we will schedule your next appointment and you can sit back and relax knowing that your AC is taken care of. We will also remind you of your next service so you won’t miss it.

Maintenance Plans

For as little as $99, you can avail of our split system maintenance package. Maintenance of ducted systems starts at $120. Get in touch with us to know more about our maintenance plans.

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