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Tips on Saving Money with Air Conditioning Energy

Air conditioners are among the biggest users of energy both in residential homes and commercial buildings. And during the summer, costs can even go up to about 60-70%. So while there’s the feeling of extreme warmth and discomfort from sizzling temperatures, you are also fully aware of your bank accounts drying up. Before it costs you your sanity, too, there are smaller adjustments you can make every day to drive your energy costs down. Here are some of the simple measures you can do.

Set temperature limits

It’s tempting to set the air conditioner in full winter mode during the summer. But clearly, this will only hike up your energy bills. One way to reduce energy consumption is to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. Generally, the best temperatures to go by are 24°C in the summer and about 19°C in the winter. The ideal practice is to not set your temperature to more than 8 degrees below outdoor temperature, as this setting will only cause you to use more power.

Use the timer function.

There will be times during the day when you won’t need your air conditioner running full. In the summer, most nights will be cooler, just as mornings will be warmer in the winter. So your AC won’t have to run overnight. Use your system’s timer function to run your air conditioner only when you need it.

Cover your windows.

Glass windows tend to heat things up more during the summer. So it would help to seal up your windows and doors and cover them with curtains or blinds to reduce heat absorption. In the winter, doing so could also let you trap more heat indoors. This practice can help drive down power bills and help you get more value from your AC usage.

Regularly maintain your air conditioning system.

This is the one thing AC owners always love to forget. For one, a dirty filter causes your AC to use up 5-15% more energy. So make sure your filter is regularly cleaned or replaced—about once a month as generally practiced. It would also help to dust the vents and other external components. A properly maintained air conditioning system will run better and reduce your power bills.

Replace your AC.

This may seem counter intuitive. But older units typically consume more power than the newer ones. Replacing your battered, old AC with a newer unit could reduce your power costs by almost half. When buying a new unit, look for those with high energy-efficiency ratio (EER). A higher EER means increased efficiency.   Are you ready to make big savings on your energy costs? If you’re looking to have a new air conditioner installed, we can provide you with high-quality and efficient options that suit your budget. We also provide maintenance and repair services with exceptional quality and value for money. Contact us to know more!

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