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Should I Repair My Air Conditioner On My Own?

After a certain period of time, your air conditioner may start getting faulty, and this might prompt the need for a repair. Some homeowners are worried about the cost of AC repair so they decide to pop the hood and take on the repair themselves. This sounds like a practical way to avoid repair costs and other unnecessary add-ons. After all, some air conditioning components are easy to handle. Before proceeding with any DIY repair work on your air conditioner, there are a number of things you have to consider. You can certainly do minor maintenance chores like cleaning or replacing filters and making sure that there are no leaves building up around your outdoor unit. But there are certain repairs that should be left to the professionals. The DIY approach may often only lead to more costly damages and dangerous situations that could get out of hand when not handled by a pro.

Here are the reasons you shouldn’t repair your air conditioner on your own.

1. Safety Doing the repair on your own may put your safety at risk. Air conditioners are highly technical and are consuming a huge amount of voltage. This level of electricity can be dangerous especially for those who don’t know how to work around it. ACs also contain chemicals that you are not be familiar with. This may be risky for those who are not familiar with these substances. Qualified technicians are trained and certified to handle electricity and refrigerants and other chemicals.  

2. Lack of right tools In repairing air conditioners, you can’t use any available tools at home to do fixes. Professionals use specialised tools and equipment in identifying repair problems and fixing them. Using any tool can cause further damage to your system. Without the knowledge and right tools, it will be difficult to determine and address the real issue in your unit.

3. Warranty Some air conditioning manufacturers void the unit’s warranty if not properly serviced by a certified technician. You don’t want to risk thousands of dollars on warranty because of doing your own repair.

4. Multiple issues What looks like a small problem might really be a symptom for a major issue in your unit. Making a wrong diagnosis might lead to a bigger, more challenging problem. Trying to patch an issue may eventually become an expensive, more dangerous problem down the road.

5. Time efficient Many homeowners resort to DIY repair because they think it will take a long time before a technician responds. In reality, you might waste more hours trying to figure out what’s causing problems in your AC. At Cold Front, we make sure that your requests for repairs or service are carried out in a timely and professional manner.

Don’t DIY!

Fixing your air conditioner involves more work than what your YouTube tutorial video tells you. Call us and we’ll send our team of qualified technicians as soon as possible. Don’t worry about unnecessary costs. Cold Front will provide you with an accurate estimate before we begin working on your system. Contact us now!

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