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Prepping Your Air Conditioner for Winter: What You Need to Know

Air conditioners are the ultimate lifesavers during the hot months of summer. But this doesn’t mean your AC’s should be ignored in the winter. In fact, experts advise that the same amount of care should be taken during the colder climates.

Make sure your AC is built to beat the cold

While your indoor unit is working optimally, remember that your system’s outdoor unit is exposed to the harsh weather outside your home. The deep cold can cause severe damage to your air conditioning system. The outdoor components of your system can be affected by debris and moisture buildup. Even when it’s not in use, the damage can prevent it from working efficiently by the time you need your AC the most. If you own an air conditioning system that both cools and heats, it is recommended to have it maintained before summer or before winter (ideally spring and fall). If your have a cooling-only or heating-only system, maintenance should be performed at least once a year before summer or winter.

Air conditioning covers

Some homeowners practice protective measures, such as covering the outdoor unit. This can be a great idea, as covers can prevent debris, leaves and other gunk from accumulating over the winter season and to keep the metal from getting rusty. But simply covering your AC and leaving it at that is not ideal. Before covering, make sure that you leave a small open space above the ground to allow air to pass through and avoid moisture buildup underneath the covering. The best option is to have a cover custom-made for your air conditioner.

Safety and protective measures

  1. Proper shutdown
  2. Clean the unit
  3. Pipe covers

If you plan not to use your AC for the entire season, you need to shut it down. The proper way to shut down is to locate the circuit and turn the switch off. This will keep your AC from firing up during the season and keep out water. This will also help you save electricity normally used up by free-loaders in your household. Just because you won’t be using your unit, it doesn’t mean you have to stop cleaning. Clean your filters so it won’t block the flow of air and spread dirt, dust and allergens inside your home. Dirty coils can also obstruct airflow and reduce the coils capability of absorbing heat, so it’s best to have them cleaned as well. It is also a good idea to cover any exterior exposed pipes. You can use foam to do so. This will help insulate your system’s pipes and provide protection from the winter cold.

Performing maintenance

To have a clear idea of what you should expect during preventive maintenance service checkups, check out our website. Cold Front Air Conditioning is equipped to make inspections, tune up and maintain your heating and cooling air conditioners to ensure that your home or office stays warm this winter. Give us a call at (07) 5524 4439.

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