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Maintenance Tips That Will Extend The Life of Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is barely past its third year and yet somehow it seems to have lost its efficiency. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to send your air conditioner into retirement and spend thousands for a replacement, think about how much you can save with proper care and maintenance. An air conditioning system is a big investment, so it’s important to get the most value out of it. This means ensuring that your system runs as efficiently as possible without consuming too much energy. Remember, each year that your system continues to work means more dollars in your pocket! Here are easy-to-do maintenance tips to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner.

1.Checking the air flow. Blockages can cause your air conditioning unit to function less efficiently or even completely stop working. Checking the air flow should be an easy task. What you can do is check for any debris or blockages that are touching the system’s fans and condensers and remove them. Drapes and furniture can block the air coming into the room, and plants and foliage should also be trimmed and kept away from the unit. Just make sure the surrounding areas are free of any clutter.

2. Protecting from rodents and birds. Animals are often the least of our concerns when it comes to air conditioner maintenance. But turns out, animals, particularly rodents and birds, can actually cause a sizeable damage to your system. These animals may find their way into your air conditioning ducts and exhaust and nest there. Check whether your air conditioner is being inhabited by these unwanted guests. Then, install covers and grilles to block any point of access in your system. Check for holes; if you find any, make sure to patch them or replace the cover entirely.

3. Schedule for home inspection. Many property owners think that a home inspection prior to the installation of an air conditioning unit is unnecessary. But an inspection is actually an important step in the process as this will help determine whether your home is suitable for the kind of air conditioning system you want. During inspection, you may find that you don’t have enough space on your ceiling for ductworks and may need to have the ducts installed underneath your flooring. Proceeding with installation without inspection may result in additional installation costs or problems in your property’s interior.

4. Cleaning or Replacing Filters. Your air conditioner accumulates dust and dirt as it operates, and these particles may clog up your filter. This keeps the air from passing through the room, causing your unit to work harder and consume more energy. Some filters can be cleaned while others are disposable and need to be replaced. Check the instruction manual that came with your unit to find out how to properly clean the filter. Do routine cleaning or changing of filters once a month. If someone in your house or office is susceptible to allergies, you might need to do this frequently.

5. Clean the coil. The buildup of dust and dirt in your evaporator coil will prevent your system from cooling your air as it’s supposed to. Best to clean the coil every three months or so to keep the accumulation of mould from affecting your unit’s efficiency. Use a stiff brush and a small amount of elbow grease to clean the coil and remove the debris. If you think your air conditioning system has not yet improved despite these measures, it’s best to schedule for a service. Your air conditioner might be developing a problem and it would be better to prevent the faults before it can cause major harm and cost you more money. Contact us and we will send a specialist to your property to check your air conditioning system.

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