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How to Avoid Common Air Conditioning Issues in Winter

Winter is quickly approaching. This is also the time of year when home and business owners are experiencing issues with their air conditioning units. Dropping temperatures and snow may not be ideal operating conditions for many AC models. But this doesn’t mean these issues can’t be avoided. In this blog, we identified some of the most common air conditioning problems people experience in cold weather. Also, find tips on what to do when such issues arise.


One of the most common issues we deal with during the winter is poor heating performance. This is because some AC models lack the power to operate at low ambient temperatures. This typically happens when a contractor installs an incorrectly-sized AC unit for the job. So make sure to hire a trusted contractor who will conduct proper inspection to determine the type of air conditioner your property needs. Likewise, it could help to purchase a newer model. Modern AC systems can now operate in more efficient heating modes.


Grimy filters are also a common problem. Dirt buildup restricts the passage of air and causes the AC unit to work twice as hard to maintain the desired temperature. This results to high power bills. Just checking your filters and cleaning them (or replacing them) at least once a month can increase your system’s efficiency during winter.


In some areas where temperatures drop to zero and ice accumulates, air conditioning pipes and coils can get frozen and cease to operate properly. Worst, frozen pipes have the tendency to rupture due to pressure buildup.


Some problems also arise from within the electronics of your thermostat. If you are suspecting faulty wiring behind the thermostat, call your trusted contractor right away. There might be a need to reinstall a new thermostat, which should be configured into your unit.  

Preventing AC Problems in Winter

Here are a few quick fixes to try:

  • Remove any form of obstruction (outdoor and indoor unit)
  • Ensure that there are no blockages in your indoor vents.
  • Set your thermostat to reasonable temperatures. Don’t overwork your system.

Before winter season begins, it is advisable to have your air conditioners serviced. Doing so will help you address minor issues in your unit before they escalate into bigger problems. It is always best to call for professional help. Are you experiencing problems with your air conditioner? Get in touch with us at (07) 5524-4439.  

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