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How Long Does Your AC Warranty Last?


Air conditioning manufacturers provide you with the assurance that your equipment is covered by warranty. But how long does the warranty last?

There are different types of warranties that cover specific conditions, such as parts
only and parts and labour. Several manufacturers for residential air conditioners
offer 5-year parts warranty, and will cover any malfunctioning components
within your system.

But there are also manufacturers that are offering up to 10 years warranty on parts. Some of these parts include compressors, evaporator coils, fan motors or blower motors.




A parts warranty coverage will not, however, cover labour and service. A good practice is to check whether your manufacturer offers a parts and labour warranty. This warranty may include—apart from some parts mentioned above—diagnosis, repair, checks and replacements among others.






AC Brands Warranty


Different air conditioning brands may offer different warranty coverages. Here’s a breakdown of the popular AC brands we have in our roster and the warranty for each.







Daikin offers a 5-year domestic warranty coverage for all damages, faults or malfunctions for Daikin air conditioners and other relevant products. This is under the condition that the AC unit has been properly by a certified technician and according to the installation manual or warranty card. Issues caused by improper installation are not covered.






Braemar also has 5-year warranty coverage.







Fujitsu provides 5-year full parts and labour warranty for all domestic air conditioning systems sold within Australia. Warranty does not cover faults or issues caused by negligence, foreign matters entering the system (e.g. debris, leaves, dirt, moisture) and blocked filters.





Mitsubishi offers 5 years parts and labour warranty for domestic systems. However, warranty won’t cover foreign particles entering the system, improper installation and issues caused by negligence and improper care.





Gree provides a comprehensive 6 years parts and labour warranty for domestic air conditioning equipment.





Warranty for New Installs


When you decide to have our team handle air conditioning installations for your home, we
provide the following warranty coverages apart from the equipment’s
manufacturer’s warranty:


  • 10 years ducting warranty
  • 12 months labour/installation/zone
    motors and switches warranty



We also provide the following warranty for commercial installs:


  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10 years ducting warranty
  • 12 months labour/installation/zone
    motors and switches warranty

We at Cold
Front Air Conditioning offer and install top AC brands for your home and
commercial spaces. We are more than happy to assist you with your warranty
enquiries and other air conditioning needs.










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