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Benefits of Installing Commercial Air Conditioning Units in the Office

Proper air conditioning is a necessity in businesses located in Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Sunshine Coast where people experience extremely hot summers and cold winters. Air conditioning also does more than heat or cool down buildings; it also helps absorb moisture and reduces humidity.

Commercial AC vs Residential AC

You may be tempted to purchase a residential air conditioning unit for your office thinking that it’s cheaper and more energy efficient. But you have to consider the cooling and heating capacity of an AC unit. Some offices may take up more spaces (typically but not always) than homes and are therefore expected to provide comfort for more people. Commercial ACs are sized and designed to handle bigger cooling and heating loads. At the same time, commercial AC units require a different level of work when it comes to installation, repairs and maintenance. Having the right commercial air conditioning system can have numerous benefits for your office.

Increased productivity

A well-maintained air conditioning system provides higher indoor air quality, which in turn has a positive impact on performance and productivity. Employees find it difficult to focus in workplaces that either too hot or too cold. In fact, one study found that setting workplace temperature to a more comfortable level can save businesses approximately US$2 per worker, per hour.

Improve health and well-being

Having an efficient commercial AC system also has a positive effect on the health and well-being of workers. Poor indoor air quality has been associated with a number of health issues, including headache, sinus discomfort, upper respiratory congestion and eye irritation. Likewise, health symptoms like colds, drowsiness and irregular breathing are typically caused by extreme temperature shifts, improper humidity levels and inadequate air circulation. Installing the right commercial AC and having it maintained regularly will ensure a healthier work environment.

Protect critical equipment

Workplaces today are jampacked with office equipment like computers, printers, servers, and the like. These machines generate a great amount of heat, which needs to be lifted from the air so that the equipment can operate well without overheating. An efficient commercial air conditioning system helps absorb the heat and humidity to ensure that all office equipment is safe.

Less maintenance cost

Repairs and maintenance can be expensive, especially if your office AC unit is old and outdated. A beat-up air conditioner may require parts to be replaced, like coils or motors, and this could only add up to the costs. With a new air conditioning model installed in your office, technicians can provide you with scheduled maintenance where they will make a routine check and perform small tasks to ensure that your system is working efficiently. Regular upkeep of your air conditioning system allows experts to easily spot defective areas or parts and address these issues before they turn into bigger problems that may cause the system to break down. If you want your air conditioner to operate at its best, regular maintenance is a must. Whether you are opening a business in the area soon or thinking of upgrading your air conditioning systems, our team can help you pick the best commercial AC tailored to fit your specific business needs and budget. Feel free to contact us and request a quote.

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