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6 Reasons You Need to Invest in a New Energy-Efficient AC

An energy efficient air conditioner offers a number of benefits we’d all love to experience. But many of us are hesitant to invest in a brand new and energy efficient air conditioner because they own an old but working AC and they don’t want to spend on a new unit. Here are some of the reasons investing in a new and energy efficient air conditioner is worth it.

Energy Savings

Cooling and heating costs can go up and eat at your monthly savings, and older air conditioning systems are huge energy suckers. It’s important to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible, especially during peak times of usage like summer. Newer AC units typically have higher energy efficiency rating compared to older models. Higher-rating air conditioners consume less energy to function optimally and have been proven to reduce cooling and heating costs.


High-efficiency air conditioning units don’t only offer huge energy savings; they are also good for the environment. Older AC units are designed to run on R22 refrigerants (Freon), and they are known to be harmful to the environment. New air conditioning systems operate on a more environment-friendly refrigerant, such as the R32 and R410A refrigerants.

Cleaner Air

Modern air conditioning systems are better at enhancing indoor air quality, keeping the air clean and controlling humidity levels, temperature and odour. They come with more advanced air filters and dehumidifiers, effectively protecting the system from contaminants and cleaning the air you breathe.

Complete Temperature Control

New air conditioning units allow you to efficiently control temperatures in your home or office. Some are equipped with programmable thermostats that allow users to set the desired temperature in a room and improve comfort. Your system can also be optimised for maximum control, so you don’t have to waste cooling energy on rooms that are not being used. More advanced systems thermostats also come with smartphone apps that let you control your ACs through a WiFi connection even if you’re outdoors.

Quiet Operations

Older AC units are typically noisy, disrupting the peace and quiet in the home. Modern systems are designed to produce less noise when they operate.

Longer Lifespan

Your old AC unit may now have to work harder than before to cool your room, and this may cause a strain on the entire system. Eventually, the minor issues will escalate into bigger problems and you will have to constantly have it repaired. If you notice that your AC is starting to consume more energy, getting some parts worn out, producing excess noise and just not cooling your home enough, you might have to purchase a new system. Let’s talk about your AC needs. Contact us now!

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