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5 Reasons DIY Air Conditioner Repair is a Bad Idea

Air conditioning running costs can get really expensive. Which is why it’s not at all surprising that many homeowners resort to doing their own air conditioning repair projects to save money. Armed with a YouTube how-to video and some basic tools, surely anyone can manage on his own.

While it may sound fun and cost-effective, DIY air conditioner repair is not a great way to cut back on costs and certainly not the safest alternative. There are reasons professional and qualified technicians are hired to do the job, and it takes training, specific skills and certain licences to be able to work on an air conditioning system.

Here are some of the reasons you should not DIY aircon repair.

1. Risk of injury

There’s a risk involved in handling anything electrical, air conditioning systems included. If you’re not familiar with what you’re touching, there’s always the risk of being shocked or worse, it may lead to fire hazards. The average voltage for electrical appliances in residential homes is at 230 volts, and this is already considered a dangerous amount of current.

2. Void your AC’s warranty

There are some—if not most—air conditioning brands that void warranties if they find that the unit was not handled by a qualified professional. If you’ve just shelled out thousands of dollars in upfront costs, getting your warranty void may not be the smartest move.

3. Damage your unit

Are you 100% sure that the part you’re working on is what’s causing the problem? Air conditioners are complex machines made of intricate parts and systems. If you damage a single part, it may affect your AC’s efficiency and worse, it may cause the entire system to break down.

4. Reduce lifespan

Say you’re an incredibly handy person and may have succeeded in fixing the problem for now. But chances are, your system may have bigger issues, which would end up causing more problems sooner than later. Professional air conditioning repair specialist typically service a unit and check the overall health of a system to make sure no issues will arise.

5. It will take more time

Many homeowners think that requesting service will take a long time so they decide to do repairs on their own. But watching a YouTube video and trying to find which part needs fixing, pausing and playing the video as you go, and then rummaging in your kit for the right tools (and parts, which, most likely, are not available at home) take more time than you can imagine. Calling an expert technician and scheduling a service is faster and more convenient.

At the end of the day, DIY aircon repair work can only do more harm than good. It’s always best to leave your repair jobs to a licenced professional. Trust us, you’ll be happy to have saved time and money and put safety above everything else.

Remember, regular upkeep of your air conditioning system will make sure your unit is working efficiently all year round. Contact our team today to find out about our maintenance and service options!

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