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What’s Involved in a Maintenance?

Many homeowners forget about regular air conditioning maintenance and call their HVAC contractor only when a serious problem has occurred in their home systems. Unfortunately, repairs and system replacements can carry a hefty price tag.

Regular maintenance of your AC systems will help diagnose and treat minor issues and prevent costly repairs and permanent damage in your air conditioning unit. The best time to schedule your AC for a tune-up is before each cooling and heating seasons begin. You may own a split system or a ducted system, and both types have an internal unit (evaporator) and an external unit (compressor, condenser coil). But each involves different maintenance processes.

What to expect during your AC maintenance?

  1. Checking of indoor and outdoor components

Your technician will inspect both indoor and outdoor components of your AC, which include belts, motors, coils and all other internal parts. Dirty coils can restrict airflow within your system, which reduces your equipment’s efficiency. Moreover, moulds and mildew can cause poor indoor air quality.

  1. Refrigerant checks

Your AC’s refrigerant levels will also be checked and operating pressures will be monitored. Any refrigerant leaks can be detected and repaired early, preventing the loss of your expensive refrigerant into the atmosphere.

  1. Checking of lines and fittings 

The contractor will check your AC’s safety controls, electrical circuits, condensate pump, drain line and all caps and valves.

  1. Inspection of electrical components

The technician will also tighten connections and inspect electrical parts for exposed wirings and other signs of wear. Replacing damaged parts will prevent equipment failure.

  1. Cleaning or replacement of filters as needed

Your air conditioner’s filters will be cleaned and may also be replaced to keep dust, dirt and debris from entering your unit..

  1. Fan blade checks

When your AC’s scroll fan accumulates dirt, it will need more energy to operate, and this increases your electricity bill. When it gets too dirty, it can no longer move the air it needs to and it will start malfunctioning, and this may cause your AC to break down completely. 

  1. Thermostat checks

Your technician will inspect and test your thermostat to make sure it operates properly. Calibration and leveling will also be done if necessary to ensure efficient cooling

You can avoid the sky-high costs of repairs and replacements by having your air conditioning systems regularly maintained and inspected. At Cold Front Air Conditioning, our annual maintenance service starts at only $132 for split systems and $150 for ducted systems. Our reliable and highly skilled technicians will keep your homes and offices comfortable throughout the year.

You can request for a service here and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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